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These rules cover the "scope" of the services that SAES provide and as such, should be used in addition to specific rules that we provide for each of our services.

  1. No Impersonating players or members of the SAES administration team.

  2. The word of any staff or admin is final.

    • If you have an issue with the ruling of a Staff/Admin create a support ticket on Discord. Do not fight about it in-game or on the forum.
  3. Excessive abuse, harassment or negative/toxic behaviour which is detrimental to the community will not be tolerated and you will be penalised. Do not overtly bully or harass other players. There is a line, do not cross the line. This rule goes twice for Staff/Admin you verbally abuse for fulfilling their duties. You will be removed from our services should your attitude not improve after a warning.

  4. You are only permitted to have 1 SAES account. If you have other people on your PC/IP using other accounts, refer to Multiple Accounts in the rules section.

  5. You must use a valid email address for creating an account, if you use a fake or throwaway email address, you will never be able to recover your account in the future.

  6. You may not speak any foreign language, for any reason, in the main global chat or on the public categories of the forum. This is an English speaking based community, so please keep non-English chat to the local and private sections of the chat system or private forums categories.

  7. Do not create false flag reports on the forum or you will have your forum privileges suspended.

  8. Committing any form of online crime while using a SAES service will see you removed from it. This ranges from committing actual online crimes in terms of sharing illicit or illegal material down to talking about partaking in illegal activities. It should be noted "Doxing", or the spreading of private information is a crime in many jurisdictions. If you are found to spread information about an individual on our services that the individual did not make public on our services, you will be permanently banned.

  9. Advertising other servers and/or attempting to hurt or disrupt the SAES community through malicious attacks will see you permanently banned from our services, without the chance of an appeal.

  10. Offering to purchase products or services on SAES (eg. Money, Group Access, Properties, Accounts etc.) using any real-life currency or substitute for currency (Gift Cards, etc.) is strictly forbidden. Players found making or accepting these offers will be banned from SAES services. Failure to report an offer made to you to a SAES clan member, if later found in an investigation, will also find you in breach of this rule, so please report it!

It is your responsibility to follow and keep up to date with these rules. They are ever-changing.
The latest rules can always be found here: https://altv.saesrpg.uk/forums/forum/4-community-rules-guidelines/

Any breaches of the above rules will be met with punishment, ranging from a verbal warning to a permanent ban depending on severity.

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