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Information regarding donations, ban appeals and other facilities ran by SAES can be found here.


  1. Reports

    Player / Admin reports will be filed here.

    To report a player, click HERE
    To report a member of staff, click HERE

    Note: This forum will only display topics that you create.

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  2. Donations & Rewards

    SAES:RPG relies on donations to keep our dedicated server going, paying for any software subscriptions/renewals and our domain names running.

    Your donation lets us 'keep the lights on' and keep your favourite server going!

  3. San Andreas Housing Agency

    In this section you can advertise your property for sale, look for a property for sale, request a property be put up for sale (owner inactive), request an icon for property, or rent a room/driveway within San Andreas!

  4. Roleplay Centre

    A place to talk about ingame roleplay, organise events or create a character biography

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