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[README] How to use this section

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This forum is for contracts between players regarding the usage of properties for stuff like official gang bases to avoid conflicts.

You cannot edit your posts in this forum - once a contract is posted it is final.

Note: If duration is permanent then it is up to the rentee when to void the contract.

Create a topic with the following title:

<Your Name> and <Rentee Name>: <Property Name>

Property Name:
Your Username:
Rentee Username:

Once the topic is posted, the rentee must post below confirming it.
When choosing the fee, please specify the frequency of payment. Eg: yearly, monthly, weekly or upfront. Exchanges are classed as upfront payments. Alternatively free is an option.

Voiding a contract:

Money exchanges: Failure to pay the expected fee for a contract in time will result in a punishment fee of 2x the total contract fee. Eg: $ 50,000 per month for 3 months > (50,000 * 3) = $150,000 > ($150,000 * 2) = $300,000.

Property exchanges: If you sell or fail to return a contracted property, the contract will be repossessed by SAHA and changed to a permanent duration. Once the rentee is done with the property, the property will be put up for SAHA auction.

Example Post:

Kain and Brophy: 21 Kain Stinks Close

Date: 16/09/2021
Property Name: 21 Kain Stinks Close
Your Username: brophy
Rentee Username: kain
Duration: 3 months
Fee: $50,000 per month

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