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Housing & Properties


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We have been around and mapped the majority of the housing and properties in San Andreas.

Property market value prices are automatically generated based on property location, property type and the property flags (features) and have no admin input.

Once you purchase a property, you can do the following:

  • Respawn at your property
  • Spawn vehicles

We will be expanding on housing in the future to allow interiors and other extra perks.

If you find a property you wish to buy, but it is not mapped, please make a request in the SAHA forum category, under "Icon Requests".

You can currently own a maximum of 5 houses, we will announce and update this topic if we decide to change this.

Property Icons

To interact with a property, walk into the property marker and press 'H'. This will open the property panel to allow you to interact with it.

Property icons appear as the following:

GREEN = For Sale
RED = Not For Sale


How to buy a property

Walk into the property marker, if you have the following status: For Sale and you have enough money, you can click "BUY PROPERTY".


How to sell a property

As long as you own the property in question, and it's status is Not for sale, you can walk into the marker, set your "Asking Price" and click "SET FOR SALE":


You can cancel your property sale at any time by clicking the "CANCEL SALE" button:


Vehicle Spawns

You can spawn vehicles at properties as long as you own the property. The types of vehicles you can spawn at your property is governed by the spawn vehicle flags set against the property.

Example from the bottom of the DETAILS tab:


If you try and spawn an vehicle that's not supported by the property, you will get a top bar message similar to this:


Go to your vehicles tab, click your vehicle and click "SPAWN VEHICLE", if your vehicle is already spawned, you will need to click "STORE VEHICLE" first.


If you spawn a supported vehicle at your property, it will spawn in one of two locations:

  • If it has a custom vehicle spawn point set, it will spawn there.
  • If it does not have a custom vehicle spawn point set, it will spawn on the nearest road to the property.

A car icon will be added to the map and topbar message telling you the distance from your property:



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