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What is "SAES" / "SAES:RPG" and when was it founded?

Do I need to register both ingame and on the forum?

  • No, you only need to register once, either ingame or on the forum, both places use the same credentials. If you update your password on the forum, it will also be updated ingame.

Can I donate to SAES?

  • Please see the "Donate to SAES:RPG" page on the forum or the "How to donate" topic on the forum/help panel.
  • This will also show you what perks / donation rewards you get for donating.

I found a BUG/ISSUE - what do I do?

Display / UI isn't showing.

  • If you are experiencing difficulties with graphical issues, such as the custom SAES UI not displaying correctly (login screen, money, radar information etc.) then please report the issue on our discord server (https://saesrpg.mp/discord) or the bug tracker listed above.
  • If you were doing something at the time which caused the UI to crash, then remember to give as much information as possible to replicate the issue, so we can fix it.

I forgot my password.

  • You can reset your password outside of the game by resetting/updating your forum password, the change is automatically synchronized with the server.

I forgot my username.

  • If you remember the email address you used to sign up, you can create a support ticket on our discord server (https://saesrpg.mp/discord) and we can give you the username assigned to the email address.

How long is the cooldown for the "Help, I'm Stuck" button on the F1 panel?

  • Currently 120 seconds.
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