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SAES:RPG was founded in November 2003 by Brophy & RonSeal as a clan then known as VCES (Vice City Emergency Services) based on a multiplayer modification for GTA:Vice City called MTA:VC.

In 2008, the same team who created MTA:VC released a new multiplayer modification this time for GTA: San Andreas with vastly superior development tools, game engine functionality and with support for over a thousand players per server, we developed a game-mode loosely based on 'Cops vs Robbers/Criminals' and our focus switched from being a clan to being a community.

That server is still running and more information can be found at https://mtasa.saesrpg.uk

We started working (albeit slowly) on 'Project Orion', this was the codename for our re-written and improved version of our "SAES:RPG" gamemode, this time for GTA:V.

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