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Donations - What do you get as a reward?


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You can find out how to donate by visiting https://saesrpg.mp/donate or by clicking the 'dollar' sign at the top of the forum, on the navigation bar.

An example of how to create your donation topic (if it was not automatically created) can be found here:


For donating towards the server running costs, you are eligible for a "reward"

You will be given in-game donation money which will allow you to buy things at either a lower cost than standard game money or allow you to buy special items which are only available by the use of donation money.

The current exchange rate of donated money to in-game donation cash is TBC.

This means for every 1GBP donated, you will receive TBC in-game.

By donating you must be either older than 18 years or you have your parents permission to donate to us.

Please remember, you are donating to keep our server running and you are not paying for a service.

These donations are not refundable!

People who revoke or callback donations after donating are not only hurting the community but will also be banned until you repay the donation + the PayPal callback fee.

By reading the following and/or donating, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions described above.

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