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This forum is intended to be used as advertising space, to receive maximum exposure for any properties you intend to auction in-game.

  • SAHA will not monitor bids or chase buyers once the auction is over.
  • The seller decides when to end the auction and which bid to accept. All topics are archived after 2 weeks regardless of whether it has been sold, or after 1 week of no bids being made to keep things tidy.
  • We will continue to offer a middleman service to players who request it.
    • We will not deal with any reports where players have been scammed without the use of a middleman. You have been warned.


The above applies to player made auctions only.

We will still be moderating SAHA auctions (posted by SAHA members and pinned to the top of this forum for visibility).

You can only win one SAHA auction per calendar week (Mon-Mon).

After winning a SAHA auction, you have 48 hours to claim the property.

Fake Bidding on SAHA auctions or Failure to Claim Properties you have won from SAHA auctions will result in an Auctions ban of 6 months AND a 25% fine of the total amount of your fake bid. For example, if you fake bid 100m you will be fined 25m.

If you in any way circumvent this ban, e.g. through proxy bidding - the ban will extend to the proxy bidder. The property or properties will be confiscated and no refund will be issued.

If after 48 hours the property goes unclaimed, it will go to the next bidder, which also makes them liable should they not claim the property in the timeframe provided. You have been warned - do not bid on any property you don't intend to purchase.

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